1. fizzaahmed:

    Our (in)completed boards - I had to upload the WIP ones I had since the completed ones I had saved on my pen drive seemed to have got corrupted and wouldn’t open up at all!

  2. Final Board for the Little Girl

  3. final app design for ted!! 

  4. final illustration designs made by fiza Ahmed for my story!! Very Very hppy with them!!! she definity have captured the beauit of the scenes! 

  5. fizzaahmed:

    Final business card -  we continued going with the style of using our pattern which admittedly worked quite well! the card stands out, its not like any ordinary business card, its different and professional which is what we wanted to achieve.

    Everything worked well this business card, the type, the logo, the layour and even our pattern all came together nicely.

  6. fizzaahmed:

    My quick experiments for a business card using the patterns I created before. I kept the style very simple and sleek to flow with Ted’s style however I did mess around with the colour abit, trying to see if different shades could work better.

    We still think this type of style is not working at all - and should look into using our photos into designs, all of it can flow together; the cab, money vouchers, business card and envelope.

    I agree we should look into a design that we can incorporate the pattern in as well -  all the money, envelope, lookbook and business cards need to flow together with the style of the cab. There needs to be connection. We’ve experimented with different ideas and now know for sure the style we need to use that can work well with all the campaign.

  7. fizzaahmed:

    We went to The Landing again and at the reception desk on the 7th floor cafe I noticed on their desk was business cards for cabs which got us thinking to design our own cards for Ted’s drivers. After all not all customers will want to be dropped off at Ted at first especially when they need to be somewhere else; so for the driver to give them a card at the end of the journey allows to contact them for a pick if they wish to visit Ted’s store.

  8. fizzaahmed:

    Some of the rough experiments we did for our vouchers  - like we predicted they didn’t have the same uniqueness then the Ted pounds, which not only looked good but went really well with our concept.

    The rough experiments we did not work as well as the money vouchers did. Personally I feel the money vouchers worked a lot better with out themes. And we’ve taken in consideration to what Tash said and to keep our money vouchers simple and not over complicate them with terms and conditions - the back of the money vouchers will have our Ted pattern on.

  9. fizzaahmed:

    Completed money vouchers for Ted’s cab. Initially we wanted to do a whole terms and condition section, and more information at the back but it was suggested to us that may over complicate everything and we should stick to putting put pattern at the back. Again further experimentations and edits need doing.

  10. fizzaahmed:

    Rahat’s research that inspired Ted pounds - we’re looking into doing a fusion of both New York and London connections into the money voucher hence why both cities skyline are on it. Instead of the queen, we’ve used one of Ray Kelvin’s portrait on the voucher; the one with him holding a crown seemed fitting for the design of the voucher. However we will be experimenting other styles as well but I think the Ted pounds is the strongest idea so far.

  11. fizzaahmed:

    Examples of experimentations of type and layout Rahat and I have done for our display posters - I really like Rahat’s Lady and Gentleman type posters - it really portray a Ted man and woman well.

  12. fizzaahmed:

    I quickly did some window display experiment and edited the front of the store, changing the colour to match our cab shelter theme.

    I did mess around with colour purple; trying to incorporate it into our designs however we felt that without the purple the designs worked alot better.

    We thought the green store with the cream Type stood out a lot better then with the purple - we’re trying to be different from the usual Ted style so we’d rather steer clear from purple. 

    Both me and Fizza experimented with different posters in the window display.

  13. fizzaahmed:

    completed pattern implemented on the cab seats we’ve chosen for Ted’s cab -  the pattern is coming along really well, enhancing the style we’re achieving for Ted.

    This was a struggle to try and implement the patterns on the seats! The lines kept disappearing and making the seats look flat and odd. But after messing around with the opacity and different angles of the patterns I’ve managed to place the pattern on the seats successfully.

  14. fizzaahmed:

    Rahat’s completed pattern for Ted’s cab.

  15. fizzaahmed:

    Work in progress for the new pattern which turning out really well, it works well with our theme and also reinforces the impression we’re portraying through our lookbook as well.

    Bhav has selected and edited photos from the photoshoot and used 2 from google and Rahat has created the pattern.